Sept. 14th, 2019 
Available in Store 
Gravenstein, Wealthy, Dandee Red, MacIntosh, Gala, Golden Supreme, Gold Splendor, Zestar, Honey Crisp, Cortland, Swiss Gourmet, Pixie Crunch, and Bartlette Pears.

Early Fuji, Cortland, Golden Supreme, Gala, MacIntosh, Jonathan, Honey Gold, limited amount of Honey Crisp.

We have cider this week!

Variety Spotlight 
Gravenstein - Gravenstein is a tart cooking apple. It originated in Germany and is quite common in that country still. I've highlighted it because of its great sauce-making capabilities. A great apple sauce maker is one that will break down with very little smashing or grinding and Gravenstein does the job. Its tart flavor holds up well for an extra flavorful sauce, crisp or other dessert. Its uncommon characteristic is its shape which tends to be larger on one side than the other, making it a lopsided ball.
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Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mississippi River, Gravert's Orchard is a great afternoon excursion. Discover some of the most beautiful fall scenery in Eastern Iowa.