How to Get to Gravert's

Gravert's is on "The Great River Road" which follows the Mississippi River north to Dubuque and into Wisconsin. It is the first orchard coming from the south on Hwy. 52.
Map to Graverts
From Davenport, Iowa -
Travel Hwy. 61 to Maquoketa, take the eastward ramp into Maquoketa and turn right, go straight through town, travel 26 miles out of Maquoketa on Hwy. 64 until you see the Jackson County Welcome Center (it looks like an old school house), turn left on Hwy. 52 and go 7 miles. (Two, different, shorter ways are possible through Clinton or Charlotte. There are a few turns, so you might want your GPS to guide you.)
From Savannah, Illinois -
There is a bridge crossing the Mississippi River located on the north side of town off Hwy. 84. The bridge road is very scenic and will take you into Sabula, Iowa, turn right at the gas station (there is just one), and cross the peninsula causeway (you're on Hwy. 64 now), turn right onto Hwy. 52 and go 7 miles.
From Dubuque, Iowa -
The turn to Hwy. 52 is located south of Dubuque on Hwy. 61, turn left at the intersection (you will see a Hardee's and McDonald's on your right), travel 24 miles going straight through St. Donatus and Bellevue. After Bellevue, travel for 16 more miles. Gravert's is an 1/8th of a mile on the right after you see the Hilltop Cafe.
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