At Gravert's we raise over 20 varieties of apples during the season, from the antique Snow Apple to the brand new Zestar.
Apple Variety Approx. Ripening Eating Baking Sauce Taste
Gravenstein mid. August Fair Excellent *Excellent very tart
Wealthy mid. August Fair Excellent *Excellent very tart
Zestar mid. August *Excellent Fair Fair sweet
Gala mid. August *Excellent Good Excellent sweet
Ozark Gold early September Excellent Good Good sweet
Golden Supreme early September Excellent Good Good sweet
McIntosh early September Good Excellent *Excellent tart
Honey Crisp early September *Excellent Fair Fair sweet/tart
Jonathan mid. September Good Good Fair tart
Sweet 16 mid. September *Excellent Fair Good sweet/tart
Early Fuji (September Wonder) mid. September *Excellent Fair Fair sweet
Cortland mid. September Good Good Good sweet/tart
Tolman Sweet mid. September Good Fair Fair sweet
Liberty late September Good Good Good tart
Empire late September Good *Excellent Excellent sweet/tart
Bonnie's Best late September Fair *Excellent Excellent very tart
Snow late September Good Good Good sweet
Golden Delicious early October Excellent Excellent Excellent sweet
Jonagold early October *Excellent Fair Fair sweet/tart
Ida Red early October Fair *Excellent Good mild/tart
Red Delicious early October Excellent Fair Fair sweet
Heritage Red Delicious mid. October Excellent Fair Fair sweet
Chieftain mid. October *Excellent Excellent Good sweet/tart
Red Rome late October Fair Good good mild
Fuji (Myra Red) late October *Excellent Fair Fair sweet
Braeburn late October *Excellent Good Fair sweet/tart

Alphabetical listing of varieties

Bonnie's Best
A huge apple believed to be related to a Wolf River and Secor. It takes only two apples (no kidding) to make a pie. The taste is slightly lemony. Really a favorite of ours. Supply is very limited right now, but we have planted more trees.
Our latest ripening apple, but well worth the wait. A New Zealand apple, it is crunchy and tart. It also stays in good shape until Christmas.
This one was developed right here at Iowa State University. It is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan, and seems to take the best from both apples. A nice sweet/tart taste, good crunch and it makes delicious pies!
The very best apple for salads, it stays white when cut without the use of lemon juice. A nice, large apple with a middle, sweet/tart taste.
Early Fuji (September Wonder)
Very sweet and crunchy like a regular Fuji, except this one comes in September!
An underrated apple I think. Empire really is an all-purpose apple. Most people know of only its great taste, but it makes one of the best tasting pies. It also breaks quite easily into sauce. A Red Delicious/McIntosh cross.
Fuji (Myra Red)
A great, late October apple, Fuji is very crunchy, sweet and keeps well in storage. Compares well against a Honey Crisp.
The sweetest apple we carry and not coincidently, one of my favorites. Its parents are Golden Delicious and Kidds Orange Red. It behaves very much like a Golden Delicious except being juicier and smaller in size. The texture is finer too. Orange in color.
Golden Delicious
The best all-purpose apple, Golden Delicious has been around for many, many years, and is the parent of countless others. It tastes sweet and crunchy and can be used for anything.
Golden Supreme
An early type of Golden Delicious, Golden Supreme is very similar in use. It does have a finer texture and a bit milder taste. Very clear, yellow skin.
An antique, German apple, it has been rumored that some would mortgage the farm for a couple of bushels. It makes absolutely superior apple sauce, and is very tart.
Heritage Red Delicious
The original Red Delicious was found in Iowa. Our 50-year old tree was grown before hybridization. The skin is much thinner and palatable and the flavor is great. It is smaller and lighter in color than the hybrids.
Honey Crisp
Our best selling apple, we do have people mortgaging the farm for this one. In truth it is spectacular when growing conditions have been perfect. Unbelievably crunchy. Has a sweet/tart taste.
Ida Red
The perfect pie apple, Ida Red is large, keeps well, and has just the right sweet to tart ratio to make tasty desserts.
I personally like this one better than Honey Crisp. It isn't nearly as temperamental and is slightly sweeter. It is very crunchy, but unfortunately is not a good keeper.
One of the true Mid West antique types, Jonathan is the best baking and tart eating apple. It still ranks well with a distinct Jonathan taste. A parent to many varieties.
One of the new disease resistant varieties, very good for baking and will stay firm. People that like Jonathan usually like this one for eating and cooking. Parentage is the Wealthy and McIntosh.
An antique variety, McIntosh comes from Canada and was first produced in 1810. Excellent all-purpose apple, especially sauce and crisps.
Ozark Gold
An early golden apple with similar qualities to the Golden Delicious.
Red Delicious
This apple is being beat up and I must defend it by saying that it is very tasty and crunch(yes!) when it first comes off the tree. It is delicious. It is not a long keeper though and will get that unfortunate mushiness after about two months.
Red Rome
A good keeper that is primarily used for baking. A rosy, dark red skin adds beautiful color to cooking.
My great-grandma's favorite, and they have become so popular at the orchard, we are putting in more trees. A small, but tasty apple with unusually white flesh.
Sweet 16
A newer variety with a very distinct taste. Juicy and crunchy. I haven't experimented much with its cooking qualities because they taste so good fresh.
Tolman Sweet
Antique type, and very unusual. It is a greenish apple that you expect to be sour, then surprise - It's really sweet. The texture and taste will remind you of a pear. This is one that grows on you.
One of my favorites for sauce. It breaks down into sauce in about half an hour. Very tart, green and round. Wealthy is an antique variety.
Our newest and earliest, sweet eating apple. Tangy, crisp taste. I still have to experiment with its cooking qualities.